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Planning started summer of 2020...


Overview PlansLots of Autocad planning with Randy.

Overview Plans11 pages of plans so far!.

Top view of deckI took Trish's ideas and played with some online tools to mock it up.

3D ViewAnother cool online tool to visualize the deck ideas we had. Why have 1 deck when you can have 3!

Door and Sidelight ideaWe tried lots of different ideas before settling on this one. We ordered the Doors & Windows late August and got them late November 2020. They've been in the garage since.

1 of 3 deliveries and 1 trip for forgotten piecesMarch 2021: Made sure to get the wood first (and then hide it in the backyard - Thanks Wayne!)


Lots of mess!

PlanningDad & I laid out the footings to the millimtre! (12" by 4' deep)

Footings going inMay 3rd: Post hole guy wasn't as accurate.

Footings done!But got 18 of them done in 2 hours with just 3 guys!

Hole in the wall!May 5th: Trish (and the GC, Derek) watching the first hole going in!

Framed!The hole is nicely finished and ready for framing the door and window.

First one installed!May 10th: Door and sidelight window is in!! (The window can open and has a sliding screen too)

The kitchen beforeMay 12th: The kitchen before the reno (green tape for where the door will go)

At least we can use the Fridge & StoveMay 12th: The kitchen after sealing up from the mess!

The destruction begins!May 12th: The destruction begins!

Cat ForemanMay 12th: Sasha is NOT happy!

Almost done...May 14th: Almost done...

Two installed!May 17th: Door & Window in!

Post and BeamsJun 5th: Post and Beams for the deck (7 hours of hard work with Wayne in record breaking heat & humidity!)

3 minute timelapse of the build

Two installed!Pot lights installed.

Reveal...Jun 10th: The big reveal!

Den Door and WindowJun 10th: Den Door and Window

Kitchen Door and WindowJun 10th: Kitchen Door and Window - now to paint (both whole rooms)

Beam prepJun 20th: I moved 4 yards of limestone screening (about 10,000lbs!) and prepped the beams for the joists, including about 850 screws and 200 3 1/2" nails. I got pretty good at using my left hand to give my right a break! I also removed an annoying concrete post in the basement, which about another 1000lbs (replacing it with smaller steel posts - the blocks are behide the lower beam). Trish moved 2 yards of soil for the gardens and you can see our Fathers day brunch setup in the driveway)

Joist start...Jun 23th: Hard to get much done on a weekday, but it's a start.

Joist progress...Jun 25th: Some more progress.

Joist progress...Jun 25th: Just need to put the front on and screw it all down. Some hot days to be working!

Joist progress...Jun 26th: Wayne was back helping get the front on. Lots of time spent getting everying level and square and another couple 100 screws!. We got a start on the next 2 decks as well. (It doesn't look quite square though...)

Joist progress...Jun 27th: Lots more done!. Unfortunateley I had to re-level 7 of the 8 posts as we were off by 1/4" to 1" too high (better than too short!!)

Joist progress...Jun 28th: Bottom and Mid deck done! Just need to add the blocking to the top deck, but rainy days ahead, as well as a break for the long weekend!

Joist progress...Jul 10th: Wayne's back over to help put the posts up - this one needed persuading to de-twistify!

Joist progress...Jul 10th: Just muscle strength for this one.

Joist progress...Jul 10th: 7 hours and we're done the posts!

Joist progress...Jul 11th: Starting of the planters....

Joist progress...Jul 11th: The bigger lower deck

Joist progress...Jul 14th: Downspout is in the way....

Joist progress...Jul 14th: A dremel for cutting it out, a spare piece of aluminum to patch and lots of sealer and the problem is solved!

Joist progress...Jul 14th: Trent (and Deb) came over for dinner (in the driveway!) and we got up the fist beams over the BBQ area.

Joist progress...Jul 15th: Finish the planter boxes with their internal box supports - top deck...

Joist progress...Jul 15th: mid deck boxes...

Joist progress...Jul 15th: ...and an example of the boxes that will go inside.

Beams on PostsJul 21st: Trent came back to help put finish placing the top beams up

Beams on PostsJul 21st: ...and the the roof over the BBQ beams are temporarily up

StairsJul 22nd: build the stair box from the top deck to the lower one

StairsJul 22nd: prep the ground for the pad for th elower stairs to rest on. (Yes, those are old drum sticks!)

StairsJul 22nd: Luckily the recent rain made the ground soft

StairsJul 22nd: All done, also luckily I had space behind the back fence to put it all.

StairsJul 23rd: 13x 30kg bags of crushed sone and 26x 30kg bags of concrete

StairsJul 23rd: all had to be carried back to the back yard (and shed for the concrete to keep dry)

StairsJul 24th: build the frame and use a jig to figure the hieght for the 2 steps

StairsJul 24th: frame done

StairsJul 24th: Fill with about 3/4 yard of limestone screening and tamp down

StairsJul 25th: Level up with the crushed stone - I had to buy 9 more 30kg bags

StairsJul 25th: After tamping the stone down start the conrete pour (got 4 more bags just in case too)

StairsJul 25th: halfway done and it's about 30C out in the full sun - yikes!

StairsJul 25th: Almost done and getting pretty tired!

StairsJul 25th: Getting it level and smooth was harder than mixing each bag.

StairsJul 25th: Muscles sore at this point!.

StairsJul 25th: After about 7 hr's of work, with little of a break, it's done!! Now off to a friends pool and hot tub!!.

GardensJul 30th: Trish has been busy working on the gardens (front, side, driveway and back).

StairsAug 4th: Containers in place....

PlantersAug 4th: Starting to fill them up...

PlantersAug 11th: A yard of soil, mixed with 20 bags of fertilizer, 1 bucket at a time!

PlantersAug 4th: Starting of the stairs...

StairsAug 4th: Building from the inside out...

StairsAug 4th: Bottom done.

StairsAug 10th: BBQ counterin place.

StairsAug 10th: Starting the first step...

StairsAug 10th: Finished the bottom stairs. Once the deck is done, the stone path from the side of the house will meet with the concrete pad.

StairsAug 11th: First planter siding going up.

StairsAug 18th: Deck lighting boxes in place.

StairsAug 18th: Planter lighting boxes in place. Bottom board has to wait until the wire is run and the deck boards go on.

StairsAug 19th: Starting the bottom of the West wall.

StairsAug 19th: Trish has been busy with the back garden (and side too).

StairsAug 25th: Start the decking!

StairsAug 26th: Making good progrss.

StairsAug 27th: Almost done.

StairsAug 29th: One section almost done!

StairsSept 2nd: Start the mid-deck

StairsSept 3rd: Finish the mid-deck

StairsSetp 3rd: Start the rest of the top deck

StairsSept 4rd: Start the bottom deck

StairsSept 4rd: First flowers go in the planters!

StairsSept 4rd: The other planter too.

StairsSept 5th: Finish lower deck.

StairsSept 5th: Surprise B'day dinner!!

StairsSept 9th: Finish the top deck.

StairsSept 11th: Finish bottom stairs.

StairsSept 16th: Landnig finished and skirt under the deck too. (ignore the temporary stairs!)

StairsSept 15th: Granite countertop arrived!

StairsSept 16th: Start closing in the bottom of the sides.

StairsSetp 17th:

StairsSept 19th:

StairsSept 20th: Finish the bottom and add a door for access.

StairsSept 25th: Aluminum finished around the doors!

StairsSept 26th: Happy with the limited amount of wastage, with most of the deck done now.

StairsSetp 27th: Lots of little bits too.

StairsSept 27th: Start the louvres, with a test piece

StairsSept 27th: The outside frame

StairsSept 27th: Mark the screw angles.

StairsOct 2nd: Do a few slats, make sure it fits, repeat!

StairsOct 2nd: Two of 5 done!

StairsOct 8th: The furniture arrives!!

StairsOct 8th: After 2 hours of unpacking

StairsOct 8th:

StairsOct 8th: Finished just as guests arrive for dinner

StairsOct 9th: East louvres done. Privacy!

StairsOct 15th: West stairs are done!

StairsOct 17th: BBQ area without the roof.

StairsOct 17th: Start the frame for the roof.

StairsOct 17th: Try to make it square...

StairsOct 17th: Two, done, now to get them up there!

StairsOct 18th: Wasn't easy, but I did it!

StairsNov 4th: Roof and shingles on!



Yes (for now...)

I still have to finish the wiring of the plugs, switches and lights, but that will have to wait for a warm day, or the spring.

After a few pairs of gloves, worn out jeans, ratty t-shirts, one dead drill, quite a few borrowed tools (thanks Wayne, Deryck, Dawn, Noah, Dad and Scott), only a few cuts, bruises, hit thumb (once!), spilled screw box, spilled wood sealer (d'oh!), wrong cuts (I was able to re-use the piece), one or two swears, many gallons of sweat, endless trips to the hardware store (I love Rona's return policy!), it's time to enjoy the deck!

Throughout it all, Trish was working the gardens and keepng us fed! Now, we love the ability to walk out onto the deck and use the BBQ. It still doesn't seem real. It was a long summer of work, but I wish we did it 15 years ago! We'll have to stay here for another 15 to make it all worth it!

See you on the deck next year!